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Art-agenda and Art Basel podcast

Sep 17, 2019

The art world spins very fast. Every day, curators, journalists, artists, and visitors jump from one airplane to another to attend the next biennial, art fair, or exhibition opening. At a time of heightened awareness of the environmental impact of carbon consumption, is this still viable? And what is the cost, in ecological terms, of putting up and tearing down so many exhibitions? Are institutions seriously reducing their carbon footprint? Which arts organizations are actively working to protect the environment? The Carbon Footprint of Contemporary Art looks at how to shift the trend toward more ecological responsibility in the artistic field.


Andrew Stramentov, founder and CEO, Rokbox, London

Lucia Pietroiusti, curator of General Ecology, Serpentine Galleries, London

Catherine Bottrill, head of the Creative Green program, Julie’s Bicycle, London

Moderated by Chris Hampton, freelance journalist, Toronto